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Would get addicted to pears and rig races again 10/10 lol


Decided to give this a look for my Twitch stream, since I do a lot of demos and jam games and the like. And I'm glad I did, it's so endearing for such a small experience!

Thank you for playing our game! We are very glad you enjoyed it!

Sorry for all the trouble with the full screen mode and the action icons glitch!



Thanks! 213 is a nice number! <3

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music, pastel colours and haze contribute to a wonderful chill atmosphere. great small details of the birbs, leaves and wind

got told off for doing dumb player character things twice, 10/10. idk if i should tell dandelion that 'i was seeing if i could get run over and die'

the simple character expressions and poses are v effective at giving a sense of life and i love the range of lowpoly cars- the european looking coupe, the boxy kei van/mini thing and the estate car, what were they based on?

tbh i could give positive feedback for a long while

its cute

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oh wow thank you for such detailed and kind feedback Jammy!! this means a lot to us and makes us happy. <3

Sea Buckthorn has inherited a "Zhiguli" Lada-2101/VAZ-2101 (also nicknamed "Kopeyka") from their cool racer granny; Honey Ginger's car is a very rough lowpolization of Toyota Tercel Wagon; Dandelion's sister for some reason has a Mazda Etude 1987; and Elder Flower is trying to drift on a Suzuki Lapin Chocolat X.  ah, and Rowan Berry's tv van is supposed to look like Ford Econoline 1976! 60% of these are purely based on googling though, so there might be discrepancy.

P.S. Dandelion woluld get super worried from hearing that, but they are also a very caring friend that puts your safety and feelings in priority, especially after seeing you try to get run over by a club pal. so it's safe to tell them, they are totally gonna help you process those strange feelings.


Utterly peaceful and a beautiful start to my day, thank you for the breakfast races :)


Thank you for playing and enjoying the vibes, getting feedback like yours makes our day! <3


Very cute!

Thank you very much G.P.! <3


A+! Very chill! <3

Thank you! <3


That was a pretty chill experience. 

i am just worried that Dandelion hit the car multiple times into the side of the pear crate, the pears are safe, but i hope Dandelion don't need to give explanations to their sister about pears in the engine or something.


thank you!
we also hope Dandelion will be able to get the pears out somehow, it would be a shame if they were suspended from lending the car after only participating once.