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how to play it on the browser? i dont see any dowload option either

Sorry, this game is not available anymore! We took it down, but decided to keep this page as a memory.
The game was a mess, we don't recommend it tbh.


That was a fantastic piece of storytelling! The subtle changes in the TV program have to be noticed to get what's going on in this state, and I like it when a game has such a trust in me. Also, the different programs were often funny o watch; the art style is great as well. <3 Congratulations for making such a neat game, I happily included it in one of our compilation articles about the ResistJam as well as in the related showcase video. :) Keep up the great work!

Best wishes,


Thank you so much for your feedback and kind words, Sebastian! We're glad you enjoyed our little game and found the approach appealing. And extra thank you for doing the coverage of these events and entries, your hard work is very important for both players and devs. <3


You are so cute!!! Thank you so much for the reply, it made me super happy to read that! <333 Hugs to you two!

Yes this is very much television.


Thank you for the coverage!