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The syllables being spoken to rhythm with the music was a very nice touch. Cool game! My friend and I were confused for one round and then had an "aha!" moment. He beat me by a sliver of the health bar. :)

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Thank you! We're glad both of you enjoyed our game!

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i dont get it, i cant tell if im actually winning or losing or what, but it reminds me of rhythm heaven so im committed to find out how it works

[oh!] I get it now, is there even a word with b-y-v in that order in the english language?

Thank you for the comment!

The syllables in this version are randomly constructed, so there might be some strange ones...

oooh, makes sense

This is really cool - I love the art and the colors! It was fun but pretty tricky to try to find words because there were a lot of hard-to-work with syllables - it made it interesting to play!

Thank you very much! We are still working out the right balance of syllables to make gameplay smoother.