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☆ remember your first solo shopping trip?

co-open is a game about a kid's first time buying groceries on their own. Looks like it's time to explore and have some fun!

♲ a classic loaf of rye bread, some birthday cards, and kompot

The products available in the local cooperatively run store are community-selected, trying to suit everybody's needs. You might not find everything you're expecting, but maybe there will be something that surprises you! Check the information on product price tags to make sure you only pick fresh local produce, call your grandmother for a suggestion, or just go with whatever catches your eye! Just try not to feed the store cats off the shelves. Please. They are fed regularly.

☃ anything else?

You can get your ice cream and veggies in a few minutes to rush back home sooner — or stray away from the shelves and find yourself a part of a drawing class in the rooftop park, or an underground snowskating hangout! Don't be scared to check things out.

❀ making memories

Looks like your neighbor friend is also shopping today! But could you meet anybody else? What if it's a very (very) big crow, or a mysterious vent dweller? Maybe you will even get to keep some meaningful mementos from your adventures!

☏ so, how was your day?

In the end, grandma will always come to pick you up. What will she say about your shopping trip — or, more importantly, about your product picks?

A Maze. 2021 Honorable Mention   Wholesome Direct 2021

♛ words

  • "Lovely, relaxing and a great deal of fun." – Weird Fucking Games
  • "co-open sees you sent to the grocery store to pick up some stuff all by yourself. Now, whether you should be trusted to do that is up to you." – Joel Couture, Indie Games Plus
  • "There's a good bit of exploration involved if you look around, you might find some rather strange rooms in this surprisingly big building" – Liam Dawe, GamingOnLinux
  • "It's all a very feel-good, inclusive experience, and those kinds of games are the one that you just want to support" – Matt S., Digitally Downloaded

⚑ features

  • First-person immersive simulator gameplay
  • Memorable treasures to collect
  • Phonebook to fill with hidden phone numbers
  • Cats you shouldn't feed, but can
  • A secret ending
  • Casual internal speedrun timer

☛ controls

  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers support
  • Configurable controls

♫ soundtrack

♡ special thanks

All our friends who wrote in-game phone conversations, helped us test the game and make game trailers <3
A MAZE. / Berlin Festival
Humble Bundle
Wholesome Games

⚒ installation instructions

macOS: The game is not signed/notarized by Apple, so it will have security issues with macOS 10.15+ (Catalina and newer versions). To avoid these issues please do one of the following things:

  • [Preferable] Install the game through the official itch app: https://itch.io/app
  • Manually approve the game's .app file in "Security & Privacy" settings in System Preferences

⚠ safety caution

The game depicts various queer identities and queer relationships. Please check the current laws of your country – you may have to be 18 or older (18+) to play this game. Be safe. <3

Note: Just to make it clear, there's no adult content in the game, it's generally all-ages, except for some very mild occasional swearing.


Buy Now$8.00 USD or more

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co-open-win.zip 134 MB
Version 1.1.4
co-open-mac.zip 137 MB
Version 1.1.4
co-open-linux.zip 153 MB
Version 1.1.4

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This game killed a whole day and in a good way! I was able to find all of the pocket items but not all the phone numbers, but I'm not ripping my hair out trying to find it all :)

A small bug: when I was on the roof I was able to get around the guard rails, and I fell into a part of the back of the building that I couldn't get out of. A quick restart of the game fixed it, but I panicked for a hot second, ha!

Thank you very much! We will look into this issue and will fix it in the next update!

(1 edit) (+1)

I absolutely adore this whole game! The characters, the story, and the concept are right up my alley.

I've only got one pocket square left unchecked. It's the last square on the second page with the diamond icon. I have no idea where to go or what to do to get it. I know there was another one that I've already gotten with the same icon, but I don't remember which one. Any help would be appreciated!

Hello! Thank you so much, we're glad to hear co-open was to your liking!

The last square on the second page of collection should be the only square with the star/diamond sign, so it's in a different location! Have you been to the topmost floor (as shown in the elevator)? You might need to do something to clean the button and make it work to reach the location, but once you're there it should only take a look around to notice something special. Hope this is of help, and good luck! Congrats on getting every other collection item too!


Thanks for the help! All complete now and I love the top floor :)

(1 edit) (+1)

update: I just wanted to mention that the issue has been solved, and  THE GAME IS SO LOVELY. I'm lovely this sweet little game so far!

I LOVE this game- the concept and art style are adorable.

I'm getting a pretty anoying bug in the very begining- after granma gives me her cute speech and sets me loose in the grocery store- the camera just...spins out of control and wont accept any inputs (mouse or controller) to control the camera. 

I'm happy to supply any more info to help troubleshoot the issue! it's a lovely game, and I'm lookign forward to experiencing the full game!

Hello! Thank you very much!

Is it okay if we dm you on twitter about this issue?

It sure is! thank you!

Thank you! We've sent you a message.


Finally got around to playing this and absolutely adored it! It was so fun exploring and made me think about the times I'd get lost in the grocery store as a kid haha. I loved the keychain style of the characters and I also thought the audio was excellent! Wonderful game!!

Thank you so much for your kind words! We are so glad you enjoyed it! The experience of getting lost in stores was one of the core ideas we based the game on. <3


My friends are really excited about this one!


LOVE this game! i just couldn't seem to find the last thing in the main store area, and i have no idea how to unlock the top button on the elevator...

Hello, thank you very much! <3
The last thing in the main store area is a continuation to another quest in the store collection, so you might want to check the items in your pockets again!
As for the top button, if you have all other collection items (minus these two you've just mentioned), that means you have done a similar action already for a different quest, from the same collection page as the top-button one!
Hope this helps, good luck!

(1 edit) (+1)

Cool game! A fun world to explore with wonderful things behind every corner, lovely vibrant art style plus an incredible soundtrack! Really recommend you check this out.

Thank you!!


This was a delightful game with very welcoming exploration!

Thank you!


pretty cool game

nice artstyle,idea and gameplay in general

Thank you!


I love this!! Unique, cosy, funny, fantastic art and music. Can't recommend enough! Ten stars!!!

Thank you so much!!


i really loved this!

i found a bug though, if you position yourself correctly you can push an elevator button while slightly outside of it and it will plummet you off the map into the void below.

second thing, not a bug, i'm having trouble finding the last two things up on the roof (the two that are on the right hand side in your pockets) i don't know if i'm missing something obvious because i've talked and done the things for everyone i can see up here

Thank you very much!

We will fix the elevator issue in the next update – 1.1.2!

As for the last two things:
- one of them involves finding something you can do in the gardens, rather than a character asking you explicitly, so it's not as obvious, but you should be able to figure it out if you look around!
- the second one is actually on the.. other roof, rather. The roof-roof. We are going to fix the collection icon for this one in this next update too, because it's probably misleading, so thank you for pointing it out!
Hope this helps, and good luck!


thank you for the reply!! i got those last two after i actually sat and thought about it for a minute. feels obvious in hindsight


Congratulation on launch! This game is very good - It surprised me a number of times in a good, game-designerly 'unfolding'-type way. It's been nice to play with my little brother and sister watching! It's a really impressive project :~)

Thank you so much Milo! So happy to know you enjoyed it and even shared the experience with your family. <3


One more tiny possible bug report: is it intentional that Medina says "I didn't even know cats could eat cat food"?

Haha, yes it kind of is! Medina will choose a random product you feed to a cat, so it could be cat food as well. We figured it's fair, since the cats will eat anything and their dieting habits are a mystery.

(Thank you for pointing this out though, we just realized there's a much better way to phrase it!)


minor bug report: I saved and quit with the bowling ball in my inventory, and when I loaded it back up, I had a pool ball instead? Just worried this means I've accidentally been skipped past some sequence of events I could've seen, or something...


OH, never mind! While I was writing that, it auto-updated from 1.1.0 to 1.1.1, and after launching, it was a bowling ball again! Phew!


.......never mind the never mind. I'd quit it again to write THAT previous comment, and when I launched back in it was a pool ball again. At least I can keep trying until it's back what it should be for now though!

Omg, thank you so much for reporting this bug! We would probably never notice it...
It's totally harmless, you can continue playing (these 2 balls will switch back around if you load the game again). We've already fixed it, the fix will be available in the next patch 1.1.2.

Also, all balls you don't have in your inventory will respawn upon loading the game, so you could still go back up and get the other ball!


Yep, I eventually noticed it there :) I'd missed it the first time... Good to know, thanks!