Caution: the postcard saving feature doesn't work correctly at the moment.

machine production credits:

built by @lowpolis

graphics by rayzones

programming, music, SFX by Yaffle


Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(164 total ratings)
Made withUnity
TagsAltgame, artgame, Casual, Feel Good, free, Generator, Hand-drawn, Pixel Art, Relaxing, suspense
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Aw, I've got a connection error. Therefore my gift is for everyone who graces the comment section. <3

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It's grandiose!


Hey! Haven't played this in a while, changed my signature to Malakai for those who got mine <3


I tried to draw a present within a present!! signed "limbo"


I loved this game, but when the picture downloads it's just a black picture..

Hello!! if you ever got a card signed 'VV', its me!!


I got a dead rat :l

The little guy from Eight is me :3 lemme know if you got it


thanks for the egg, julien. lol

btw if anyone got something from me, pls say hi if you don't mind and hope you enjoy :3

It keeps saying connection error... I'm going to reload the page and just hope my gift was sent

Thank you for letting us know, it's fixed now. Sorry for the inconvenience!

if you got one from frog your welcome for your package deal :)

Thanks for the Nintendo Switch Friend! <33

Reply if u got my gift signed as -BM

please tell me if you got my gift, it's ash 



Thanks for the kitty, Carrots! <3 I sent out a silly kitty as well, so good greetings to whoever gets it!


if u got a gift from yyidhraa its me

(1 edit) (+1)

to anyone who got gifts sign by -kai before, that's me! hope u like it :]]


thank you for the bug naomi!! Fitting because I am BIG BUG


I'm "jayce :D"! If you got a gift from me, I hope you enjoyed :))


if someone got a gift made by -Olive, thats me! i hope you enjoy



I made an Angry little fuck! D:<

if anyone gets one from someone in California, its me


Please enjoy your spooky ghost friend

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if you get a gift that's signed ~Wya that's me!

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I keep on getting bad gifts :( I got poop once

Thanks for the dog elli dimple


It Seems I Was Visited By The Slushy Man

you'll never guess what card I made it's totally not my username whaat


If you happen to get mine it is signed with " - M 12 " and it has GhostFace from Scream.  Please update if you happen to get mine or if you sent me yours! It's an ice cream from A Friend </33   [I'm sorry if I sound desperate. I'm just kind of curious.]

I got it! I sent a cat girl!OwO


I'm so glad you got mine! :D




i love sending people among us characters. P.S. if someone named V sent you something, that's me!


thank you for the game!

and thank you person who gave me a weird italian man to deal with


It seems to just be giving connection errors :(

We are currently figuring out what happened. Thank you for letting us know!

Should be working now! Sorry for the inconvenience!

mother loves you!


i got a.... "mythical sneeze flavored gumball"




yo someone gave me a dot  -_- rude



(1 edit) (+1)

this is extremely neat I'm glad co-open shown me this!

also edit: thanks depression you are my friend now :)

the saving feature doesnt work, the photo just shows a black screen when it saves </3

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I came to comment this as well... I've lost the cute snake salem sent me </3

edit: using chrome on my pc


We are very sorry! We'll look into possible solutions to fix this problem as soon as possible!


Btw, to the person that gave me the raccoon lamp; I love it, thanks :D


Heyheyhey, whoever got the cat in the box I sent, I hope you like the kitty! :3 -Yani/Lani

I got it! It was beautiful!


This is lovely, whoever finds my letters, I truly hope they bring you joy. - Evan


thank you milk for schnoz jimbothy i love him

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