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It's already hard enough to greet people properly and meet their expectations,

But then secret handshakes come into play.

AGBIC 2017 submission



Q, W, E, SPACE — to bend fingers

LEFT MOUSE BUTTON — to rotate the hand (unlike previously, it's just vertical/horizontal hand rotation now!)

ESC — to exit the game


Greetings was based on the original Famicase cover design by  田中千尋 / [den]:
最後の仕上げだ! アノテコノテ


"In some ways, then, I think that Greetings is a secret handshake in itself, a kind of aesthetic lock and key that has helped me recognize some shared values across a lot of different games that I find intriguing in the current world of games." Waypoint

"A fabulous little party full of potential fist-bumping friends!" Alpha Beta Gamer

"Faut-il serrer la main ou plutôt faire la bise ?" L’Oujevipo

"When you’re a kid it feels like secret handshakes are going to be a bigger thing than they ever really turn out to be. I feel like Greetings is the logical extreme to that."A Year of Indies

"I would love to tell you more about it but I just can’t wait any longer to know what the last game of this selection will be!"Pierrec


Made by @lowpolis

Graphics by rayzones

Music and SFX by Yaffle

Famicase cover by @[den]

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(29 total ratings)
Tags3D, agbic, Cute, Experimental, Funny, Low-poly, Nonlinear, relationship
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilitySubtitles, Interactive tutorial


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Greetings_1.2.8_LINUX.zip 22 MB

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helloooo! so i played this game and it was really funnn! i really sucked at the game. liked the art style. it woulf help alot if you could check out my channel and help by sharing and subscribing!!


I'll be honest here, wasn't expecting much from this game, looking at those weird 4-fingered hands doing strange greetings.
But as I played along and interacted with the peeps and robot and cate, I can say that it was the most fun I've had playing a short  itch.io game.

If you want, you can check out how much fun I've had exactly in the video below! It's part of a series where I play random "simulator" games selected using power point. 
(DISCLAIMER: it has swears and harsh language so if that's not your thing it's probably not in your best interest to watch it):


This game is simple and fun! I love it!


It was fun!!


This game is adorable! :D I loved the atmosphere that this game created, just wish I could do a handshake with the kitty lol.

Thank you for playing and making such a fun and cute video, you are pretty good at handshaking too!
You CAN actually do a handshake with the cat! We just hid the action icon so it wouldn't be obvious!

You're welcome it was such a cute game!^^ I wish I checked if I could handshake with the cat, I will probably try it out in my spare time haha!

They added it lol

I enjoyed this short yet quirky game. The hand gestures were a little difficult for me but I was just bad at the game xD I like the art style and the animal crossing like vibes! Overall a fun experience if a little short :)

I was very bad at this game...

I was Terrible a greeting people before playing this now i am a master! at only greeting Cats....

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Greetings! When I played this game I was greeted with lots of greetings. Which wasn't a bad thing. We all need a change of pace now and again. Shaking hands to relive stress is a good way to... relieve stress.

Keep up the good work... and the odd work! =)

This is a pretty fun game!



I really enjoyed this game! I found it to be humorous and the perfect difficulty (enough to keep me entertained but not enough to truly frusterate me) I had a lot of fun interacting with all the different characters and making up my own responses to the conversations. I did make a small gameplay video for it and if you got the chance to check it out I'd be really appreciative! Thanks for making such a fun and truly unique game! 

Thank you for enjoying our game and recording this nice video!


Fun simple game! (3rd Part)


Thanks for playing and covering so many games!


hope you like it ^_^ i enjoyed it to the max it's so smooth and simple .. i loved it <3

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This is a fun video, thank you for playing and having a good time!

We're sorry the Q-Space issue ruined the experience for you (especially since you played so well otherwise)! This may happen because of the way your particular keyboard is designed: most keyboards have a limit of the amount of keys that can be pressed at once, but the limit and particular keys that can lock each other out differ between manufacturers and models. We tried to choose the keys that would work in most cases (that's also the reason there are 4 fingers: 5 wouldn't work for too many people), but it looks like that didn't work for you. Thanks again for enjoying the game anyway!


thx for replying 😄 and thx a lot for mentioning the reason to the problem i had .. it really put my mind at rest 😂


I can't HANDle  this game XD

Thank you for playing! 



Heya dude! i love the simplicity on this game! which in turn it makes me kinda fail at it and suck... but i love everything about this, keep being awesome!

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Hey, thanks for making this awesome video and sharing your feedback!

Sorry about unfriendlyish difficulty, we've made the game a bit easier in more recent verions (slower and with difficulty progression, + an instruction).


it's honestly not THAT difficult, i'm just complaining too much there, i love everything about it! it has such a fantastic thematic too.


Heyo, I made a YouTube video of this game. I enjoyed this game a lot, I wish it could've been longer though.

Thank you so much, this is a great video! We were cheering for you!




I really enjoyed this little game. Even though I was really bad I really like the randomization of the handshakes and how you controled them. I would defnitly recommend this to someone who just wants to find a neat little game to play. 


Thank you for enjoying our little game! It's all fine, you played well — handshaking is hard!