A downloadable meowssenger for Windows, macOS, and Linux

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Chat with your online cat friends in an authentic messenger app simulator!



x_purrsonline_x is an AGBIC 2019 submission based on the original Famicase 2019 cover design "Kitty Text" by Alexandra Hernández / @vancespng :

Kitty Text

Complimentary Pack

Includes the following small things:

  • Trailer Wallpaper 1920x1080  (.png)
  • Trailer Wallpaper 1920x1080 UNEDITED (.png)
  • Trailer Music Track (.mp3)
  • Trailer Music Track (Band mix) (.mp3)

This complimentary pack is a small bonus you'll get for supporting us! You don't need to pay for the game itself!


"It’s a chat client where you can talk to cats. This the pinnacle of games." RE:BIND

"Download on itch.io (Windows, Mac, Linux)" Warp Door

"The cats don’t have a whole lot to say — mostly they seem to walk across their own keyboards, interspersed with potato emojis and the occasional “lmao.” It remains comforting, however, to keep the chatbox window purring away in the corner of my screen, waiting for some cats to write me back." Priceless Play


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x_purrsonline_x_1.0.2_WIN.zip 15 MB
x_purrsonline_x_1.0.2.1_MAC.zip 19 MB
x_purrsonline_x_1.0.2_LINUX.zip 19 MB
x_purrsonline_x Complimentary Pack.zip 16 MB
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this is honestly really fun! wonderful job <3


Is this a game?

I just want to make sure!


i love this game


This is fantastic, love it.

how do you full screen it/adjust the tab size? its way too small :(

Unfortunately the game window can't be resized. We've been planning a 640x480 window from the start and didn't have an opportunity to implement scaling options. Sorry for the inconvenience!

After making a profile I'm just stuck on a redish screen. I can move the mouse around and click but there's nothing??

Can you please specify the OS you're trying to play the game on?
Also can you attach a screenshot of the game in this state?


Having the same issue. I'm on Windows 10, it's just a maroon screen ;;


Fixed it! I think it had something to do with either the pronouns or remaking your profile !

Thank you very much for the information!
We'll look into this issue!


im so confused but i still love it


Best simulation! Truly perfect for a lonely bean like me qwp


These cats are the best of friends :)


Cute. I kind of understand what you were going for, but it quickly hits a point where I find myself bored. And confused. not to mention I keep getting blocked? Mostly it is fun for the humor.




This game is so adorable <3


i love it. it's fucking adorable.


this is cute aight? notghing better than getting a message saying "ccccfgfffmmjhk ooooooo ggggg mmmmm lol", followed by a picture of the cat's head. you can also be blocked which is hilaRIOUJSXFJGXCHVJB


I think it's pretty funny


You're such a troll game dev. Bad game but nice trolling 


don't waste your time on this game.


i cant tell if this is an actual messenger app or a memeing app