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This was so cute and fun to play! There are so many cool elements to making a profile. You thought of and added a lot! This would make for a really cool discord bot to be honest. 

oh hei!it‘s so cute!i just think they are real people at first!


bruh i was playing rock paper scissors with cookie and he just straight up blocked me after tying 3 times in a row TwT


Just messaged my childhood cat. She's away and hasn't seen it yet. I'm nervous ~o~

Do you ever plan on making one for android phones? I absolutely love this game so much and this would actually make it look like I'd be texting someone

We have no plans for a mobile release of this game, sorry!


cadsjbkapoDJA  OIAJHS;OK;DLKJLSJHLhIJIhoh d sjlkjkjallakj  >_____>


omg I love this so much, I am b o n d i n g rn, keyboard smash n all


This will always be open on my computer, I love this so much!!!1!

Deleted 357 days ago

tis a cat what you expect lol

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Is this app will connect u to the real person in the other side or just some random bots with codes inside?


There are only bots, no real online connection, sorry!

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sad, i still enjoying it i thought someone message me in that app xD. Well its good


i had way too much fun with that😭

what i need to do even these cats hate me they wont talk to me


this is so stupid i love it so much i crie

please 32 bit


A lot of cats blocked me and idk why lol


jjfjjjjj joOooeoOOJjj joe mama mmmmmmqqqoooo ooo opppp244499 99 nxnnnn 


what WHAT w h a t W H A T what w h a t W H A T WHAT

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I've been playing rock paper scissor with a cat for almost thirty minutes and she keeps winning. I'm not upset by this, and I also like that you can choose your notif. sound. It sounds like I'm surrounded by crows and honestly... this is probably one of my favorite experiences. Thanks for making this. UPDATE: I just won, that's 1



Its not loading, its just a light red screen

Oh wow, this is something new. Can you please specify your OS, its version, and the version of the game (the zip archive of the game has a build version in its filename)?


Dont worry i just had to redownload the game,

it is very small on luinx, idk how the size is one other platforms. can you make it bigger?

Hello! The window size for this game was designed to be locked at 640x480, and for Linux we only tested it on a 1366x768 laptop screen. There's no option to change the game window size, sorry about that!

ah thats fine :>


Got blocked by a cat. Now i feel bad :( What did i do antler. 

does this game support windows 7?

Sorry, we can't check it, but we think it should be possible to run it on Windows 7.

ohh okie thanks


I love your games, ur my fav creator here! :) I love this the best after co-open among your games ♡ btw you could add more stickers, or facetimes where the cats are just licking their paws or they are just sleeping and purring, would be so comforting ♡


This is soo cute! 
What engine/languge was this made in?


Thank you!
This game was made in Unity (C#)!


The game is very entertaining, I hope a translator of what my contacts write xd

is there a way to make the game fullscreen

The game window can't be resized, sorry!

thank you thats ok! :)


i love this so much, this needs to be an actual social media software id use it 24/7


rly cool game ^^

Deleted 2 years ago

Hello. None of the pre-made usernames are offensive, nsfw, or slurs. If you mean the search window – it will create a user with whatever name you enter in the input field.

anyone else cant open it?

Hello! We've just updated the game. Please try downloading the new version 1.0.3 – we hope it will fix your problem.

Thank you!








I enjoyed this game! <3

Wish they where real...

So i got a glitch i guess i can't start the game anymore what i mean with that i can still start it but if i get to the logon screen i see it but i can't log into my acc on and my acc doesn't exist anymore it only say Player cat 420 and when i try to click on it it doenot work if i try to dellet it it also does not work 

sorry if you don't understand anything im from german so my skills are not that good hope you can fix that bye


Sorry that it happened to you. We are not sure what might have caused this bug.
Can you please try the next steps to see if the game works?
1. Close the game.
2. Go to the following folder and delete the "history" folder:
On macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/Lowpolis/x_purrsonline_x
On Windows: %userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\LOWPOLIS\x_purrsonline_x
3. Launch the game again.

Hello there lowpolis i tried all the steps but still came to the same error i even lokked into the folder but it had nothing in it i think i can only replay the game  if a new version will come out.

same thing happened 2 m




ccccfgfffmmjhk ooooooo ggggg mmmmm

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